“Awesome meal. Great wine, beautiful room. Coltrane, Sarah, Bird, Ellington on the box. It’s like I have entered into some magical space. I am not religious, but if this is what heaven is like, I need to start going to church.” – Joe

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Friday Night Raw Menu | July Menu 2016


Oyster Leaf lychee, chervil, thyme, shallot

‘Crab’ & Avocado Salad cayenne & spirulina powder, citrus zest, red pepper pudding, passion fruit foam, gooseberry vinaigrette

Cantaloupe Soup lime-cashew yogurt, black caviar, cucumber, English green peas

Heirloom & Grape Tomato Salad pickled watermelon, dried basil leaf, smoked horseradish, chocolate mint oil, mango & chili de arbol

Strawberry & Beet Sorbet rhubarb water

Squash Blossom & Macadamia Ricotta porcini paper, sprouted quinoa, sweet potato pearls, hazelnut crème

Orange Coconut Cake tcho chocolate crumble, hibiscus ice cream, fresh blueberries


Any reference to conventional food is for context. The entire menu is plant based.

Prix Fix Menu $75 | Natural Wine Pairing $55 | Executive Chef, Francisco Hernandez

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Our Story

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is a Friday night only dining experience where our gorgeous venue is transformed into a fine-dining establishment offering a Seven Course Raw Foods Tasting Menu.

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw began in 2009 as an expression and an experiment by founder & owner, Elizabeth Petty. During her experience with breast cancer she was introduced to vegan and raw foods as an access to better health, vitality and peace of mind. It was only natural to use her expertise and reputation in the food industry to share her newfound passion.

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw – a Friday night vegetarian restaurant experience in Washington, DC. Savor our seven-course, 100% raw vegan menu. Make a reservation today!