A Story of Going Raw for Health, and Staying Raw for the Taste

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is a Friday and Saturday night fine dining experience where you can savor a Seven-Course Vegan Tasting Menu in a nineteenth century restored townhouse.

Elizabeth Petty


Owner Elizabeth Petty has been a part of the Washington, DC food and hospitality community much of her professional life. Her passion for food and entertaining makes her a choreographer and curator as well as caterer. She traverses both sides of her business- The Catering Company of Washington which she acquired 26 years ago and her new endeavor, Elizabeth’s Gone Raw, with professional grace, and an impeccable standard of service. Her experience combined with her creativity and desire for innovation provides a custom designed experience for our clients. This along with her magnetic personality has attracted a best in class professional staff who share her vision and benefit from her guidance and experience.

Diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago, Elizabeth discovered the powerful healing benefits of a raw-vegan diet. Elizabeth’s Gone Raw was conceived by her inspiration; it is Elizabeth’s opportunity to share the gift of life expressed in the vibrancy of living cuisine.

Francisco Hernandez

Executive Chef

Chef Francisco Hernandez is revolutionizing the way we eat. Although his cooking technique is cutting edge, especially in the realm of raw-vegan cuisine, the most important aspect of his food preparation is with the spirit in which he approaches each dish. Inspired by a quest to prepare food that nurtures the soul, Francisco discovered the benefits of a plant based diet and has been focused on creating sophisticated, innovative raw-vegan recipes for over three years.

Classically trained by Vache K. Benguian, Chef Hernandez is not new to the culinary scene in Washington, D.C. He has worked for the past eleven years in many D.C. restaurants cultivating his culinary expertise. Chef Hernandez is internationally acclaimed and has recently received attention in La Prensa Grafica, a prestigious El Salvadorian newspaper. Francisco continues to amaze diners every Friday and Saturday night at Elizabeth’s Gone Raw.

Dora Lobo


A Bachelor in Law, Dora entered the wine world after moving to London in 2006 and working as a Junior Sommelier for one of Gordon Ramsay’s prestigious restaurants . She completed her advanced level at the Wines and Spirits Education Trust with merit and was hired for the launch of luxury store Harrod’s wine department . After working as head sommelier for one of the leading luxury hotels in the world, Dora moved to Washington, DC and started working at The Tabard Inn as their Sommelier and Restaurant Manager and is now the Beverage Director for The Catering Company of Washington, selecting wines for private clients and Elizabeth’s Gone Raw, with the task of creating craft cocktails  and pairing wine with a different seven course tasting every month.



If you would like to be part of our team, please send your Resume with cover letter to elizabeth@thecateringco.com