Our March Tasting Menu

Crispy Malanga Root Tuile

lime pudding, salsify truffle cacao butter, sea grass

Bloomsdale Spinach Soup

Smoked cashew dill quenelle, ginger, lemongrass, green strawberries

Aloe Vera Oro Blanco Salad

dragon fruit & coconut bacon

Blue Oyster Mushroom Tartare

lovage pesto, black kelp caviar, pickled mustard seeds, curry cracker

Hibiscus Urfa Pepper Sorbet

saffron mace syrup & sea salt

Jackfruit Ravioli & Fairytale Squash Purée

puffed Venere rice, porcini chestnut foam, green garbanzo beans

Rhubarb Raspberry Cake & Cassia Bud Ice Cream

black sesame cracker, lychee gel, kiwiberry

Any reference to conventional food is for context. The entire menu is plant based.

Prix Fixe Menu $80| Wine Pairing $60 (subject to change monthly)

Executive Chef, Francisco Hernandez

*Please note there is an additional 15% service fee

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Cocktails & Wine Program

We craft superb cocktails at Elizabeth’s Gone Raw.

We offer fresh pressed juice, our own house sodas, tonics, and syrups. We source small production, high quality, unique spirits and bitters, a large percentage of which are organic. Our ice is crystal clear and made in-house with ionized water by one directional freezing. This ice tastes better, foams better, melts slower, and simply makes a better drink.

The EGR wine program is comprised of mostly biodynamic, organic, and sustainable small estate selections. An eclectic mix of fabulous wines selected to compliment our food is stored in our temperature and humidity controlled wine room.

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

As a plant-based vegan restaurant, we incorporate tree nuts into our food. We strongly urge you to contact us with nut allergies as well as specific vegetable or fruit allergies so we can offer our guidance as to whether this is an appropriate dining environment for you. We require 24 hours notice to accommodate special dietary requests.

Parties of 5 & Larger

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is the perfect venue for large parties and special celebrations. For parties of five or larger we require a credit card on file and ask that you provide 48 hours notice in the event of cancellation. If the entire party cancels in less than 48 hours, we reserve the right to charge each individual $25.


We source and prepare the freshest organic ingredients for our exclusive fine dining experience. For this reason, reservation confirmations are required 24 hours in advance for any party size.

We reserve the right to cancel reservations of guests who arrive 30 minutes late.